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In 2022 I launched my natural building company Mudblood Builds as a way to collect and focus my work in a more politically and aesthetically distinct direction. Mudblood Builds is an owner-operated natural building company specializing in earthbending, clay-based installations, and traditional building. I am focused on addressing climate concerns by providing earthbased wood-fired appliances, high-efficiency survival stoves, and ecologically sensitive dwellings. My work centers around the unique sculptural capacities of cob, striving to make art of everything I build.


Of the earth, As the earth, For the earth.

Mudblood Builds is also a political project concerned with issues of power and social determination.

The increasing impact of the climate crisis strongly orients my support towards those working for energy independence and regenerative land practices, as well as the increasing challenges faced by climate refugees and those impacted by the overwhelming forces of nature. 


I chose the name Mudblood to act as a reminder of the simultaneous power and danger of the racial and genetic politics that shape our relationship to land, our right to life, and our access to the critical resources of the earth. Mudblood’s mission is recovering right relationship to people and land. Human health and the health of the earth are inextricable.

Mud is in our blood, and the flesh and blood of the Earth is mud…

Mudblood serves to preserve this symbiosis.

Of the earth, As the earth, For the earth.



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