Mudblood Builds is an owner-operated natural building gesture. We specialize in earthbending, clay-based installations, and traditional building. We are focused on addressing climate concerns by providing earthbased wood-fired appliances, high-efficiency survival stoves, and ecologically sensitive dwellings. Our work centers around the unique sculptural capacities of cob, striving to make art of everything we build.


Of the earth, As the earth, For the earth.

Mudblood Builds is also a political project concerned with issues of power and social determination.

The increasing impact of the climate crisis strongly orients our support towards those working for energy independence and regenerative land practices, as well as climate refugees and those impacted by the overwhelming forces of nature.


In this way Mudblood models a form of resistance, productively intervening into contexts and power in order to enable people to act more strategically to develop a self-managed existence.


We take seriously the underlying meanings and experiences that characterize humans from different socio-economic groups, and which exist in various degrees of compatibility and resistance to the dominant culture.


We are committed to critically engage the nature of our own self-formation and participation in the dominant society.

We hold an appreciation for the role power and privilege play in defining and distributing the knowledge and social relationships that often mediate ‘natural building’ environments, as well as the occupational and educational stratification therein, whether based on gender, class, or race, and the social relationships they legitimate.


Through our work we seek to subvert as much as possible the latent principles that shape the deep grammar of the existing social order, and the principles underlying the genesis and nature of its own logic.


In addition, Mudblood is curious and committed to reasserting the fundamental political nature of teaching, and the importance of linking pedagogy to social change.

Connecting critical learning to the experiences and histories that people bring to a build, and engaging the space of building as a site of contestation, resistance, and possibility.


This approach is experimental in nature, guiding our work and informing our practice.


We are committed to fight deeply rooted injustices in a society and world founded on systemic economic, racial, and gendered inequalities, and task ourselves with developing a critical theory of education linked to a notion of liberation, and grounded in the values of personal dignity and social justice.


We are attentive to the cultural resources of the communities in which people live their daily lives, and recognize that people need to be placed in working relationships that affirm their own histories and cultures. 


How this plays out in practice is being developed. We are energized to engage our core values, and open to suggestions, offers, and ideas.