West Coast born, East Coast educated. Soccer enthusiast. Multilingual. Lived in Brazil, France, Chile, Mexico. Travelled to west Africa, Tahiti, Canada, and Morocco by bicycle. Bush camper. Spicy food, cold water. Bonded deeply with the Pacific Ocean.


ENJOYS:  body surfing, talking to cats, Cormac McCarthy novels, couscous, getting stuck in airports, log walking and freestyling.


MUSICAL HEROES: Handmade Moments, D'Angelo, Jack Johnson, Yasiin Bey, Rage Against the Machine, Lucinda Williams, Young Thug, Sean Hayes, Ben Howard, Bob Marley, Zoufris Maracas.


ENEMIES: leaf blowers, bunions, forced air heating, nacho cheese and formal dress wear.

VIVAMARÉE ZÖE HANSEN (Viva) German/French/Romanian-American '92
Earthbender & Traditional Builder

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